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The international school by Ipécom Paris was launched during the 2018/2019 school year.

The international school by Ipecom Paris develops a rigorous multicultural and bilingual program pursuing academic excellence, where individual initiative, creativity and interactivity are valued. in a supportive environment.

Students follow a methodical and balanced program taught in English and in French, leading to the Irish leaving certificate.

The goal of our international high school is to develop committed citizens aware of world issues. We aim to stimulate students so they become curious, critical and open minded adults in a world of increasing diversity and competitiveness.

To do so, in collaboration with the best secondary schools in Ireland, we have created a Leaving Certificate Senior Cycle in Paris.

The three-year program starts in Paris and finishes in Ireland. The first two years, are taught in Paris. The last year, at the end of which the students sit the Leaving Certificate is taught in Ireland.

Erasmus, the globalization of school and university exchanges. Pisa, the evaluation of different education systems… These initiatives indicate needs for change and improvement.

The French baccalaureate, created in 1808, and remodeled so many times is very different from the Leaving Certificate.

The new French Baccalaureate being introduced this year will need to gain acceptance and recognition abroad


The partnership with schools in Ireland allows high school students to become bilingual while staying in Paris. In short, to have a wider opening on the English speaking university world and beyond French institutions.

Why did we choose the Irish Leaving Certificate?

Because the Irish educational approach share the values we have been teaching for the last 30 years.

The Irish education system outperforms the OECD average but also the French system as attest the results provided by the PISA surveys (an international programme for the monitoring of student learning) from 2000 to 2015.

Irish students have much better results in science, mathematics and reading than those France and are above the OECD average. (For more details, here is the link to the PISA 2015 page


Guidance and coaching are the driving forces of our educational approach.

We aim to convey certain values in terms of methodology and work ethic and in terms of personal dynamics. The values of dedication, self-confidence, and teamwork. We instill the importance of competing with and surpassing oneself, seeking the best achievement, preparing one’s future.

The class sizes are reduced so that teachers and the entire teaching team can maintain individualized relationships within the group.

Our approach to tutoring, individualized monitoring, and methodological supervision characterize our school and is shared by the Irish schools that are our partners in this new venture.

Our methods facilitate the transition to university level studies for students, which combined with the recognition of the Irish Leaving Certificate around the world are real assets for the future academic careers of the students.

Students benefit from an opening to the international academic world, a dual culture and approach of the Anglo-Saxon world allowing them to become completely bilingual.

Transition year

In Ireland, the transition year prepares students to open up to the world and to awaken their interests. This period allows the student to discover the professional world.

In our school this year is essentially a transition to Irish methodology teaching and learning. Students discover innovative learning tools that allow them to really succeed in the first and second year of the senior cycle.

ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS AND FRENCH: three compulsory subjects

The transition year of is an opportunity to study English intensively to reach the level of 6.5 IELTS (International English Language Testing System).Mastering English language is a must that will prepare them for the world’s opportunities

There are two other compulsory subjects: Mathematics, French, and we introduce them to basic computer science as it is essential to all students.


We teach successful research methodology which allows students to learn to manage their time in the most effective way and make the most of the knowledge they acquire.

We also help the students work on their personal development.

Studies in Ireland >

Senior cycle first year

During the first year of the Senior Cycle students have 3 compulsory subjects, English, French and Mathematics, and 3 elective subjects. The electives are linked to the students’ aspirations and intended university studies.

These elective subjects are:

– Biology, Chemistry and Physics, for students wishing to pursue scientific careers.

– Business, Accounting and Economics for students wishing to pursue careers in commerce, business or law.

During this school year, the students benefit from the support of the teachers of the international school who are positioned as tutors who help and direct through individualized tutoring.

Senior cycle 2nd year

The last year of the course takes place in Ireland in a college chosen by the parents.

That’s why, « The international school by Ipecom Paris » offers 6 colleges, all carefully chosen for the benefits they bring.

The partner colleges are mainly located in Tipperary County and one of them is in Dublin:


« Cistercian College, Roscrea » or « Roscrea College » is a private boarding school. This is a boarding school for boys. It was founded in 1905. Located in the lands of Mount St. Joseph Abbey in County Offaly, Ireland, the school is surrounded by wooded countryside and thirty acres of sports grounds and fields.


« St. Joseph’s College » is a modern school with many specialized teaching rooms and many sports facilities: A large gym, four « Basketball » pitches, two tennis courts, access to the local football field.


« Thurles CBS » was founded in 1816 by William and Thomas Cahill, that is, the school is over two hundred years old. The establishment has a long-standing academic reputation.


Ashfield College is a private high school founded in 1977 and located in Dundrum, Dublin. The school organizes specific courses for oral exams, French and Spanish Leaving Cert.


The motto of the school is « Rath as Saothar » which translates into, with effort comes success. Moreover Colaist Mhuire Co-ed has four fundamental values : Respect, effort, honesty and cooperation.


Coláiste Dun Iascaigh opened its doors for the first time in 1997. It is a modern and well-equipped establishment on an extensive site, providing a high level of education.

At the end of the three years in our school and in Ireland, the student is prepared to excel in higher education, having become self-reliant, independent, rigorous and effective. Higher studies can be done in Anglo-Saxon countries, thanks to the knowledge of the English language.

In conclusion our main aims of teaching are: the development of critical thought, study techniques, research methodology and cultural understanding.

The approach of these subjects is based on projects and assignments, led by dedicated teacher and developed by the student.

To achieve this, the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication of teachers are key.

Testimony of Lucas, former student, after obtaining the leaving certificate

Student testimonials

Lucas Bangsgaard:

My experience.

« I am a student in International School IPECOM in Paris in the 16th arrondissement. This school gives us the opportunity to learn, or to deepen our knowledge in the English language. Our competent and patient teachers accompany us towards academic success with an interesting and useful curriculum for our future. I recommend this school to any high motivated to succeed. »

Testimony of Lucas, in 2018, student in that year, in « senior cycle » first year

Who can register ?

Above all, the philosophy of our school is to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Support and upgrading courses or a transitional year are offered depending on your language level and previous studies.

Thanks to our approach students will develop a real work ethic and the desire to give the best of themselves.


For the registration of a student, please complete the form:

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